Proz Tiling Adelaide

Proz Tiling Adelaide: About Us: Proz Tiling Adelaide are an established tiling and bathroom renovation company here in Adelaide. We don’t use unqualified trades, we don’t subcontract out the work, we do all tiling ourselves to ensure quality control. Of course we could grow bigger by subcontracting out, but our goal is perfection rather than mass production without the quality.

We primarily do tiling and bathroom renovations. Our process is quite simple. We like to come out in person and quote, as quoting off plans can often be misleading. It’s nice to meet each other beforehand and get a feel for the job by physically standing there.

From there we take measurements, discuss the finer points of how you want the job to go. Eg what finishes around tiled corners, do you want aluminium angles, do you want the joins mitred. Are there any quirks of the job, are there shower niches that need to be tiled, etc. Every job has some little quirk to it we’ve found, hence why we like quoting on site.

After that we will go and double check our costs, and message through a quote for your tiling job. Often we can help supply the tiles if they are from a particular supplier. There are some outlets that give us discounts on porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles and we can incorporate this in the job as a saving to you.

Once you are happy with the quote, let us know, and we will book you in at our earliest convenience. Please be understanding, as sometimes tiling is seasonal and there are busy periods where there is a little bit of a wait. But hey, you’d be more concerned about our workmanship if we didn’t have a small waiting list wouldn’t you!

Bathroom Tiling

Bathroom tiling is our favourite. It’s so rewarding when it’s finally done, and the look on our customer’s face usually says it all. Don’t skimp on the tiles. You’ll live to regret it! Choose something that you are really going to love, just for that wow factor. We can work with your vision, whether it’s small mosaic tiles, glass feature tiles, large porcelain tiles. Whatever you need, we will work in with and help build your dream bathroom.

Tiled Kitchen Splashbacks

This is becoming more popular. Tiled kitchen splashbacks. There was, and still is a time when people wanted glass splashbacks. The same kind of look can be achieved using large porcelain tiles with rectified edges, laid close together with almost no grout lines. This gives the impression of a glossy surface like glass, but it’s a lot quicker, and a lot cheaper as well. Great for renovations, investments, and rentals.

Wall and Floor Tilling

Again, wall and floor tiling in Adelaide overlaps with some of the bathroom tiling, but we also do exterior wall flooring with outdoor tiles on patios, balconies and under heritage verandas. Redoing kitchen tiling and also upgrading to tiling over wooden floorboards can also be done in a correct way to avoid echoes or movement.

Bathroom Renovations

We love a full bathroom renovation. This is where our building side comes in as well, coordinating trades. Electricians for heat lamps, exhaust fans, plumbers for the toilets, shower screens, and of course the tiling which we expertly take care of.

Waterproofing & Screeding

Base preparation is hugely important before doing any tiling. Our tilers will waterproof the bathroom with a special rubberized paint that makes a waterproof membrane. This is vital to avoid wet rot in your walls. Screeding is also done, this provides the correct fall so that water will drain accordingly once the tiles are down.

So give us a call anywhere in Adelaide, our expert tilers can come and help tile your floors or bathroom.