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It is customary to use tiles for floors and walls that are constantly wet, require frequent cleaning, or even for keeping them in the required sanitary conditions. You will find most homes in Adelaide have tiles in their bathrooms, and often in kitchens.

Tiles can be made of ceramic, mosaic, or even natural stone.  You will even find tiles on staircases, public buildings, and places of worship, where there is a substantial movement of people. Tiles can be of various sizes and thicknesses, and these must be taken into consideration before any tiling work is undertaken.

Before undertaking any tiling work, it is important to arrange for a sufficient quantity of tiles, depending on the area that needs covering. A little extra, to cater for breakages or cutting is always advisable. The surface on which the tile is to be laid, floor walls, must be properly leveled and cleaned. Tiles will have joints and the tiler will have to decide on the alignment of these joints so that the finished surface looks attractive. As tiles come in standard sizes, the number of tiles that are required to cover the entire length and width of a room floor or wall will not be whole numbers, and this will mean that some of the tiles will have to be cut. Arrangements must be made for tile cutters to facilitate this.

Most tilers will mark the centre of the room as an alignment for starting the tiling work. Tiles will be laid on either side of this centre line and carried out progressively till the sides are reached. The size of the last edge piece is then determined and the tiles cut to fit into the space that is left out.

Wall tile work is done similarly, with care being taken to support the bottommost tile, so that it supports the tiles above, till the jointing material, has gained strength. The joints between tiles are required to be filled and finished with grout to complete the work.